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Research Methodology

We utilize unique and orthogonal research methodologies that are based on and crosschecked via dozens of orthogonal information sources, including:

  1. Our in-house (over 1 terabyte) database
  2. Information collected during our consultation jobs performed for government agencies and private sector companies. [While we retain the confidential info provided by these bodies, it provides us with valuable general market and technology insights].
  3. Face-to-face interviews with industry managers, academia and other experts
  4. Data from government and private sector budgets and bidding documentation (e.g., RFP)
  5. A global network of experts and decision-makers exchanging information on a bilateral basis.
  6. Open Source information sources such as SEC 10k documents provided by stock exchange traded companies.
  7. Review of individual procurement contracts in several countries, providing info under their “freedom of information” acts.
  8. A wealth of experience and cutting-edge expertise of our team of analysts, who:
  • Held executive positions in the industry (e.g., chairman, board member, VP R&D, VP marketing, market & technology analyst, CI manger)
  • Played a leading role as R&D managers and marketing managers in the commercialization of dozens of products and systems
  • Participate as members in dozens of industry leaders focus groups
  • Attend and participate actively in conferences and exhibitions. as speakers and chairpersons

As a final stage, we fuse the data collected from all of the sources, analyze their quality and come up with our market/technology assessments.

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