Industry 4.0 Market Will Reach $214B by 2023

WASHINGTON DC, Jan. 16, 2018 According to the new 4-volume report by Industry 4.0 Research; Global Industry 4.0 Market & Technologies 2018-2023, the Industry 4.0 market is projected to .reach $214B by 2023, outweighing the projected 2023 cybersecurity market by 33%. The Industry 4.0 market is...

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The U.S. and China ” Quantum Computing Arms Race” Will Change Long-Held Dynamics in Commerce, Intelligence, Military Affairs and Strategic Balance of Power

WASHINGTON DC, JUNE 14, 2017 A recent Quantum Computing Technologies & Global Market "“ 2017-2024 report reveals that we are in the midst of a U.S. and China " Quantum Computing Arms Race" one that will result in groundbreaking computing power, enabling disruptive new quantum computing technologies. Those...

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